Sri Lanka, Romesh Ranawana, DPhil

Tengri Aero Industries, CTO and Co-Founder

Ranawana comes from an academic background. His father and grandfather were both professors, and he studied a DPhil (similar to PhD) at the University of Oxford on artificial intelligence. He co-founded software for militaries around the world. Using their VR and AI products, a solider could practice a live firing drill without the expense of doing it in the real world. The business grew to over 100 employees with customers in over thirty countries. However, with size came changing responsibilities and Ranawana longed to get back to engineering and AI. Thus the launch of Tengri.

17.35 - 18.05 CAT

Friday 10 December

Session 1 - AI For Good

  • The Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence
18.45 - 19.15 CAT

Friday 10 December

Round Table Discussion – Application of IFRSs

  • Moderated Q & A Session