South Africa, Patricia Stock, CA(SA), MAcc (Intl)

CEO, AfricaRAS (previously AKA Africa), Non- executive Board member, SAICA & Audit Committee Chairman, CBE

She is a highly experienced, skilled and qualified Audit Executive, Director and Chartered Accountant with more than 10 years operational and senior management experience. She possesses the acumen of a modern-day finance professional having successfully worked alongside CEOs, board of directors and top executives in strategic decision making, growing organizations and organizational management.

She served three years as a partner and the head of transformation at BDO Incorporated SA. She currently serves as a member of the Boards and chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee. She also served as a Chairperson of the Initial Professional Development Working Committee and Chairperson of the Remuneration Committee.

Prior to this, she served at the Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA) as a senior engagement manager, chairperson of the SM forum at the AGSA Gauteng office, senior audit quality control specialist, audit manager, and trainee accountant.

She qualified as a CA (SA) in mid-2009 and has over 10 years’ experience in a wide variety of audits such as performance, regulatory and international audits. She has done audits in the public sector (national departments, provincial departments, municipalities, municipal entities and public entities [incl. Land Bank]), NPCs, the UN organisations and a variety of private sector companies.

She obtained her Master’s degree in International Accounting with UJ in 2012. She completed her BCom Accounting Science (undergraduate and Honors) and her Certificate in Theory of Accounting with UP. She also obtained her UNISA BBBEE MDP qualification with a distinction.

Patricia is a strategist. She has a passion for people development and growing what she is entrusted with whilst she grows.

10.30 - 11.15 CAT

Friday 28 October

Session 1: The Successful Marriage

  1. Ethics & Sustainability
11.15 - 11.30 CAT

Friday 28 October

Q&A Session on The Successful Marriage

  1. Ethics and Sustainability: 15 minute Live Q&A with audience and speaker - moderated by presenter
09.15 - 09.50 CAT

Friday 13 October

ESG Reporting, Integration, and Investment Strategies

  1. Intro & Trend
09.50 - 10.00 CAT

Friday 13 October

Q&A Session on ESG Reporting, Integration, and Investment Strategies

  1. Intro & Trend: 15 minute Live Q&A with audience and speaker - moderated by presenter